Performance® Natural Orange Shaklee


Pure Hydration Drink

Product Code:11002 (539 g)

Working or playing hard depletes precious nutrients and takes its toll on your body. Shaklee Performance® is the ideal “during” drink. Performance® rehydrates faster than water and provides energy to keep you going.

  • With exclusive OptiCarb® for energy and endurance
  • Essential fluid and electrolytes to help prevent dehydration
* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


Performance® Natural Orange

Menyegarkan dan Menghilangkan Dahaga

Kod Produk: 11002 (539 g)

Shaklee Sports Nutrition membantu anda memberikan prestasi terbaik.*

Nutritional Facts

Saiz Hidangan: 28g (3 sudu besar)
Hidangan Setiap Bekas : 19

* Produk-produk ini tidak bertujuan untuk membuat diagnosis, merawat, menyembuh atau mencegah sebarang penyakit.

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